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Getting to Your Desired Down Payment

Down payment got ya down? You have a great job so the monthly payment won’t be an issue. Your credit is in good shape and you feel you can qualify for a mortgage. The last bump in the road for you is the down payment. It can be a challenge to come up with a large sum of money all at once. Lucky for you, we have a few ideas that might make it easier to get to your desired down...[...]
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The American Dream

Why do people want to buy real estate? It is a great long term investment. You aren’t paying for someone elses mortgage, you are building your own equity. No fear of rent increase every year. But I feel it’s not just investing in your own home that is 100% of the appeal. People want rental income. Using real estate to build wealth with an investment property is a significant...[...]

Feds Vote to Raise Rates

Feds Raise Rates – The Federal Open Market Committee committee voted to raise the Fed Funds rate by .25%, bringing the range to 1.50% -1.75%. This is the sixth time they have voted to raise rates since December 2015. In a statement released after today’s meeting the committee is quoted as saying. “The economic outlook has strengthened in recent months,…”...[...]

How Jerome Powell Could Affect Your HELOC

Link to How Jerome Powell Could Affect Your HELOC Who is Jerome Powell ? Jerome Powell isn’t quite a household name. Probably because he has only been the Chairman of the Federal Reserve for several weeks. How will his decisions impact our industry? Well if we had a crystal ball to peer into…we would already be rich, right? So far he is holding steady with similar ideas to his predecessor, Janet Yellen. He might be even more...[...]
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A Fresh Look at VA Loans

It might be time to take a fresh look at VA loans! VA loans and Government loans in general might give you pause when an offer with one crosses your desk. But why? Did a bad experience or even a story overheard years ago leave you with a negative impression about the VA home loan process? We all know there are many benefits to the VA loan program. We would love the opportunity to dispel...[...]
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Cash or Financing?

Knowing your options enables you to make the right decisions.   The application of knowledge is power. Especially when that knowledge relates to your home buying options. It would seem obvious that paying cash outright for a property is the best way to purchase a home but there are many factors to consider. Cash offers are great for winning bidding wars but might not make the most...[...]
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The Secret to Working With Millennial Buyers

We have all heard that millennial buyers are unlike any other consumer group. How can you work with something you don’t understand? Truth is, if you don’t understand your clients, finding any level of success will be very difficult. You must work to achieve some level of understanding of a thing in order to utilize it. From cars to clients, we research, we read, we listen, we learn...[...]
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Mortgage Insurance Alternatives

We have all heard about mortgage insurance. And most people know they aren’t excited about it. It can be very expensive, adding hundreds of dollars to your monthly payment. One of the oldest home buying myths is that you shouldn’t set foot into an open house until you have 20% for the down payment sitting in your savings account. This 20% was required to avoid paying Private...[...]
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USDA Renovation Loan

Link to USDA Renovation Loan A USDA renovation loan is a great option for home buyers who are looking to purchase property in a rural area. This kind of loan offers flexibility for borrowers who may not normally be able to purchase a home due to income or credit limitations. Below we discuss two types of USDA renovation loans- Buyer/Seller option and the Escrow Holdback option. USDA Buyer/Seller Oftentimes, as a...[...]

Preparing Your Home for Appraisal

You have an offer on your home, things are moving along and now, the appraisal has been scheduled. So now you are wondering how best to go about preparing your home for appraisal. Preparing Your Home for Appraisal Your To-Do List 1. Safety requirements. They might be small, but they are mighty important.  Smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, and home security alarms, among other things are...[...]
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