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  • Home Loans up to $3,000,000
  • Interest Rate Float Down Option

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FHA/VA Financing

FHA Mortgage Financing

The FHA loan has become extremely popular since 2006 when conventional lenders began tightening their loan guidelines and increasing initial investment requirements. What makes an FHA loan a popular option?

  • Low 3.50% initial investment.
  • Guaranteed Mortgage Insurance.  Separate Qualification Not Required.
  • Generous Underwriting Guidelines and Flexible Debt to Income Ratios.

There are many home buyers who do not have the initial investment required for a conventional home loan. An FHA mortgage can accommodate this prospective home buyer. Many buyers require a gift of assets from a relative to cover the initial investment or a co-borrower to boost their income.  If this is not an option, the FHA mortgage is an alternative financing option for you.

If the flexibility of an FHA mortgage sounds like the best fit for you, or to see if it would accommodate your specific scenario, contact me.


VA Mortgage Financing

The VA loan is a phenomenal benefit for active duty and retired military personnel.  Why consider the VA loan?

  • NO Initial Investment Required on Loans up to $417,000!
  • NO Mortgage Insurance Required!
  • Generous Underwriting Guidelines and Flexible Debt to Income Ratios.
  • Ease of Qualifying.

A vet or active duty member simply needs to provide their discharge paperwork, known as a DD-214 (not Required for active duty) and a copy of their certificate of eligibility. If you do not have a certificate of eligibility then you can complete form 26-1880 and send it to me. I can get it in as little as 15 minutes!

If you’ve used your VA benefit before, don’t worry! Your VA benefit is re-usable with a slight increase to the funding fee. Overall, the financial benefit of a no-down, no mortgage insurance VA loan is tremendous!

To see if you’re eligible for a VA mortgage please call or email me.

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