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Distressed Homes Are A Dream Come True

couple discussing renovations on a distressed home

Turning Distressed Into Designer! Click  to watch a short video about renovation! 

Location! Location! Location!

It has been called the most important factor in Real Estate. You can paint or move walls, add a bedroom or bathroom, but you (typically) can’t move the home from it’s location. Quality of life, resale value, education can all be affected by the location of your home.

We all want our children to go to the best schools and we try to have the shortest possible commute to work. Some like to be close to nightlife and shopping, others prefer ocean breezes or a view of the mountains. Whether it’s a beautiful view, a short commute, or that top-rated school for your children, the perfect location is the one thing we cannot change when we buy a home.

However, imagine pulling into a neighborhood a mile up the road from your office. A top-rated school is only two short blocks away. Your excitement fades when the agent warns of a family of raccoons living in the attic. Meanwhile, you step into a kitchen that hasn’t been upgraded since microwaves were invented. So what happens when you find the perfect neighborhood but the home is distressed? You wouldn’t want to compromise the location you love because of a home you don’t. A distressed home just needs a little tender loving care. Plus, distressed properties can be the perfect canvas from which to develop your personal vision.

With a renovation loan, property condition no longer needs to be the deciding factor! Plumbing repairs or a kitchen redesign, bathroom upgrades or electrical issues are all on the table. Even burned, broken or beat up means opportunity. This is the true essence of distressed. Whether your repairs are required or desired, a renovation loan can turn an as-is property into your perfect home.  Create your dream home with the perfect renovation loan!

Feel free to close your eyes and dream big! Reach out today and let’s make those dreams become reality.


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