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"From the minute you call me to the minute we close, I have your back. No hassles, no banker’s hours & quick response times." - Scott Storace

  • Home Loans up to $3,000,000
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Meet the Team

Scott Storace Team

Customarily, the real estate industry has taken the transactional approach to sales. Loan Officers have been encouraged to identify prospective clients by the masses, lock them in quickly, pass them on to an “assistant,” and move on to the next transaction as quickly as possible.  Little to no clarification or education is provided leaving borrowers frustrated as they:

  • Lack understanding of the mortgage process or,
  • Sit at the signing table with loan documents that they don’t understand or,
  • Become lost in the prequalification or mortgage process without answers

Having purchased property of my own and worked in the mortgage industry for as long as I have, I can tell you that these practices have never fit my personal philosophy nor do I enjoy said process. I believe that in today’s marketplace, people deserve a higher level of contact, connection and education about the mortgage process.  We practice servitude – we work for our clients and their interests throughout the entire loan process.


Getting to know Scott Storace

Scott Storace
Branch Manager
NMLS# 226339

100 Pacifica Dr. #140
Irvine, CA, 92618

(949) 973-0141

Growing up, I was taught not only to work hard in life but to also continually invest in an education. At the University of California at Davis, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Managerial Economics. During this time, I also enjoyed the extra-curricular activities of self-employment. I owned and operated a college painting franchise which ultimately led me to my next career in commercial construction management via a client of mine. Here I learned many things but left with a new, sizable business/life principle: My client’s needs will always be put ahead of any transaction.

Upon my arrival in the residential mortgage lending industry and with my token business/life principle in play, I began building my business by referrals. Working by referral requires a bit more resilience in today’s world but it is the one avenue that allows me to employ my core beliefs as I work for my clients and focus on my vested interest in making sure everyone I serve is completely satisfied at the end of each transaction. Consequently, when in need of a service of my own, I look for someone to trust and rely on—someone who comes highly recommended and is willing to go the extra mile to help me best serve my clients.

That said it is always the very highest compliment when a client refers my team and me to more great people like themselves. Serving people who appreciate the level of service we provide allows me to focus on our purpose; to work for and provide knowledge to our clients. As you may have figured by now, we don’t just want to meet expectations; we do not rest until we exceed them.

This is the type of service we appreciate and it’s certainly the type of service we are proud to deliver as we continue to actively build a community of life-long relationships, serving the needs of our clients, their family, close friends and business partners before, during and after each transaction.





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