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97% LTV Refinance & BIG Savings!

Tight on equity? Take advantage of today's low interest rates with the 97% LTV Limited Cash Out Refinance!
The 97% LTV Refinance NOW AVAILABLE!

Born from Fannie Mae’s recent assessment of homeownership sustainability, The 97% LTV Refinance program now offers low-equity homeowners a chance to reduce their interest rate and save on their monthly mortgage payment!

As we all know, the purpose of many refinance programs is to help homeowners achieve greater monthly savings.  Though refinances also exist for homeowners with alternative financial agendas, they are generally considered to be a simple, rate reduction offering.  Still, refinance candidacy relies heavily on loan-to-value ratios.   And, for low-equity homeowners who want to refinance, that can be a big problem.

Fortunately, the 97% LTV refinance responds to this issue.  Those homeowners who were once eliminated as refinance candidates based on their loan-to-value ratios, now have a shot at a monthly mortgage savings!  Plus, the program also applies to homeowners in condos!  And, while mortgage insurance is still required, it remains set at the standard 35% premium.  This way you can visualize the truest opportunity to save!

You should also know…

The product is offered only to those with mortgages currently owned by Fannie Mae.  (If you don’t know who owns your mortgage, don’t worry!  I can find out for you).  The 97% LTV Refinance is fixed-rate program so, there will be no concern for an adjustable-rate.  Moreover, you will be able to calculate both your monthly savings and total savings over the life of the loan!  (The savings is likely to translate into tens of thousands of dollars I can show you)!


Low-equity homeowners can take advantage of today’s lower interest rates!  Save some money, re-invest it back into the home or take a trip.  Whatever your financial agenda, the opportunity to save is great so, don’t wait too long to get started.

Apply today for a rate-reduction refinance with a loan-to-value ratio up to 97%.  Or, for more information, contact me for a detailed home mortgage report that compares the a variety of investment and early payoff forecasting.


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