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Go Green in 2015 with Energy Efficient Mortgages

Looking for a place to park your Space Car? You're going to need and Energy Efficient Mortgage for an upgrade like that!

Looking for a place to park your eco-friendly Space Car? You’re going to need an Energy Efficient Mortgage for an upgrade like that!

Though an energy efficient mortgage may sound like a loan program for The Jetson’s, it is certainly the future of real estate!  Given that the Earth’s resources are limited, more and more American’s are choosing to go green in every aspect of their lives.  Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Go Green and how even our youth is helping to pave the way!

According to the National Association of Realtors, 88% of new buyers and current homeowners want to live in a more energy-efficient home.  And, considering the direction of energy costs, it’s not a bad idea.  Plus, eco-friendly updates are offering homeowners monthly utility savings and healthier lifestyles.  With that type of sustainability, real estate professionals are encouraging sellers to consider this:

  1. Today, 70% of housing in CA predates energy efficient standards.

  2. Nearly half of today‘s buyers value energy efficiency over luxury upgrades.

  3. California plans to mandate net-zero home building by 2020 which means…

  4. Energy efficient homes hold a greater resale value today! (avg. 9% above comps)

  5. Energy efficient homes sell 24%-50% faster today!

  6. Cash incentives, rebates AND energy efficient mortgages with low-rates are available to buyers today!

But that’s not all.  Despite common myths, energy efficient homes are actually quite durable.  Eco-friendly materials can be used to ensure better air quality.  “Green” homes preserve their surroundings, too!

That said, expect the energy efficient housing market to go mainstream in the very near future.  Adding “green updates” to your home when you buy or refinance can be done simply with an energy efficient mortgage.  For more information, please contact me!   

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