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Listing Your Home During the Offseason

With summer coming to a close, listing your home may be the last thing on your mind.  Your kids are back in school and the holidays are on the horizon.  How would listing your home right now be anything but a headache?  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), NOW may actually be the BEST time to list your home.  Here’s why:  

  1. Currently, the level of supply is below the 6-month inventory necessary for a “normal” market.  This means, that if demand
    Listing your home during the "off season" may actually be a great opportunity to "cash out" given the current housing environment. There are many buyers just waiting for you to list your home!

    Listing your home during the “off season” may actually be a great opportunity to “cash out” given the current housing environment. There are many buyers just waiting for you to list your home!

    remains high (see below), we can still assume a “multiple offer” sale environment for you and your family.

  2. “Foot-traffic” and the number of home shoppers have significantly surpassed the levels reached in 2014.  So, demand is holding high!
  3. Many homeowners underestimate the amount of equity they currently have in their home.  According to a recent Fannie Mae study, 37% of homeowners believe that they have more than 20% equity in their home. In reality 69% of homeowners actually do!  If you’ve been worried that you aren’t holding enough equity to sell your home for a profit, it’s time to consult a mortgage professional.  We can review your current mortgage debt against an estimated sale price of your home.
  4. Low Interest Rates & Eased Lending Requirements:  These two factors alone hold tremendous influence over the market.  Sellers can rest assured that buyers working with great lenders are sure to secure the financing required to purchase their home… And, sometimes for much more than they may have ever expected! 

So, if you’ve been considering it, contact your Realtor to discuss the option of listing your home.  The opportunity to “cash out” may not last long.  Besides, if you’re feeling as if the home you currently live in doesn’t fit your needs like it used to, it may be an added benefit to find something that does.  In the meantime, I can help review your mortgage profile.  Contact me today!




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