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Lot Loans – Building Your Dream Home From the Ground Up

Building your dream home begins with the perfect location.

Have you been in the market for a new or a custom home? After a long time house hunting and researching you decide to design and build a custom home. During your search, you probably heard about construction loans and renovation loans. But first things first. The land. And you just found the perfect location! Before you decide on the view you would like to see out of your kitchen window, you will need to buy the land to build your kitchen on. For that, you will need financing you may have never heard of; lot loans .

We often get asked about lot financing. Before you can turn the dirt into the dream home, you need to buy the dirt! We are proud to now offer lot loans, land loans product to help build your dream home from the scratch. If there’s land you want to purchase and build a home on, but you have yet to choose a builder or secure any additional details regarding construction, a lot loan is the perfect option. Lot loans give you 12 months to pick a builder and set final plans for your home, putting time on your side.

Our lot loans, land loans offer numerous benefits.

These include:

  • 75% LTV maximum. Therefore, you’ll need a down payment of 25%.
  • Maximum loan amount of $250,000.
  • Financing without a builder in place.
  • Fixed rate; interest-only payments up to 12 months.
  • Once the details are set you can smoothly transition into one of our construction loans.
  • Lots are considered investment.
  • No maximum for acreage.

From deciding where to put light switches to picking out colors and appliances, you’ll have plenty to think about. So we’ll take any concerns about lot loan financing off your mind. We assure fast, efficient closings. Hassle-free document collection and submissions. And we promise to support and keep you informed throughout the entire loan process. Every step of the way.

Lot loans, land loans

Click here to watch a short video about lot loans, land loans.

So when you have found the perfect piece of land for your home (with or without a buffalo), call us today!

If you have any questions about land lot financing, be sure to reach out!

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