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On The Road Again: Moving Improves

On The Road Again: Moving Out

On The Road Again: Moving Out

Orange County, CA – Moving is increasing, and is expected to continue increasing across the summer — the peak moving season.

Only two years ago, Americans were so locked into their current domiciles that many moving companies nearly went — or did go — out of business. But as the economy improves, not only are people more able to pay for a move, but businesses are more willing to relocate star employees to where they’re needed most.

Overall, moving activity is still significantly below where it was in 2009 — likely because in 2009, everyone was moving in with each other to conserve money. 2011-2012 were the low point for moves in the USA, and they’re strongly rising again as people start to realize that their opportunities are broadening again.

The recovering housing market and the low supply of houses for sale has driven new construction immensely, and that, in turn, has made it easier for people to move.  “In the single family construction market, they’re out there building those houses for a reason. They think people are going to buy them and move into them,” said John Bisney, a spokesman for the American Moving and Storage Association.

In fact, National Association of Realtor’s Cheif Economist Lawrence Yun, said that 1.5 million new housing starts are needed every year to keep up with demand and stabilize the sharp increase in prices.

If you want to move to the Orange County, there are some things you should do first to make your move as easy as possible:

Get Your Home In Order First.  No, not your old home — though that will need to be orderly before the movers arrive as well.  Before you start planning a move, you’ll want to make sure that you have a home to move into, naturally. That means getting your home-buying transaction finalized — and that, in turn, means appraisers, inspectors, bids, negotiation, securing a mortgage, and paying the closing costs.

Plan Ahead.  Movers are going to be more overworked this summer than they’ve been in years. Either reserve your date with lots of lead-time (at least a month, preferably three), or commit to moving in the off-season. You’ll need even more lead-time if you want to move on a weekend, or on the last 3 days of any given month — those are the busiest times.

Get Insured. Moving insurance may sound a little odd, but if you’re among the 55% of Americans who choose to move yourselves rather than use a professional company, you may not be aware of what you’re risking. Put another way, almost all of your belongings are in a truck: what happens if there’s an accident. Moving insurance (a.k.a. “relocation coverage”) is never a bad idea if the people moving your stuff aren’t insured and bonded on their own.

If you’re planning on moving and intend to purchase a new home in Orange County, contact us.

Scott Storace

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