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The Secret to Working With Millennial Buyers

We have all heard that millennial buyers are unlike any other consumer group. How can you work with something you don’t understand? Truth is, if you don’t understand your clients, finding any level of success will be very difficult. You must work to achieve some level of understanding of a thing in order to utilize it. From cars to clients, we research, we read, we listen, we learn...[...]

Mortgage Insurance Alternatives

We have all heard about mortgage insurance. And most people know they aren’t excited about it. It can be very expensive, adding hundreds of dollars to your monthly payment. One of the oldest home buying myths is that you shouldn’t set foot into an open house until you have 20% for the down payment sitting in your savings account. This 20% was required to avoid paying Private...[...]

USDA Renovation Loan

Link to USDA Renovation Loan A USDA renovation loan is a great option for home buyers who are looking to purchase property in a rural area. This kind of loan offers flexibility for borrowers who may not normally be able to purchase a home due to income or credit limitations. Below we discuss two types of USDA renovation loans- Buyer/Seller option and the Escrow Holdback option. USDA Buyer/Seller Oftentimes, as a...[...]

Lot Loans – Building Your Dream Home From the Ground Up

Building your dream home begins with the perfect location. Have you been in the market for a new or a custom home? After a long time house hunting and researching you decide to design and build a custom home. During your search, you probably heard about construction loans and renovation loans. But first things first. The land. And you just found the perfect location! Before you decide...[...]

How Work History Affects Home Loans

How does your work history affect your chance of a loan approval? Orange County, CA- Work history can have a profound impact on your ability to qualify for a mortgage. One of the first questions a loan officer will ask you is “How long have you been in your field of work?” You may have heard that lenders like at least 2 years in the same line of work. It shows a level of...[...]

A Seamless Path to Renovation

A seamless renovation loan, imagine the possibilities!   Until now, renovation loans meant huge hassles for clients and their preferred contractors. Multiple detailed estimates were required. Additionally, lots of paperwork and a thorough background check for the contractors was necessary. The good news is, times have changed. We are making the renovation loan the perfect...[...]

The Benefits of VA Home Loans

Link to The Benefits of VA Home Loans The Benefits of VA Home Loans Take advantage of the benefits of VA home loans you honorably earned! The VA home loan is one of the best benefits available to current or former service members and their spouses. The advantages of this home loan are second to none. No Down Payment. Up to 100% Financing Available including Cash-Out Refinances No Mortgage Insurance Loan Amounts up to...[...]

How to Shop for a Home Loan in 2016

Link to How to Shop for a Home Loan in 2016 When it comes to purchasing a home, 47% of borrowers don’t shop for a home loan.  Instead, nearly half of all mortgage borrowers miss huge money-saving opportunities to shop and compare home loan options.  But, a little knowledge can go a long way – especially for buyers with hurried timelines! Buyers Who Know More, Shop More Buyers who know more about the home financing process...[...]

Home Financing Tips for 2016

Link to Home Financing Tips for 2016 Home Financing Tips for 2016: They’re less drastic than Tips for Dealing with a New Driver! Last year, I wrote Home Financing Tips for 2015 with a great focus on what went wrong in 2014.  After all, isn’t that what a “tip” is?  But, I’ve learned that “tips” used as “forewarnings” are about as energizing as schooling a new, teen driver.  Parents who have handed...[...]

2016 Conforming Loan Limits in Orange County, CA

Link to 2016 Conforming Loan Limits in Orange County, CA The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced last week that the 2016 conforming loan limits will remain largely unchanged in all but 39 counties. To access the complete list of 2016 maximum conforming loan limits for all counties and county-equivalent areas in the country click HERE. Though announcements of this brand may not seem overwhelmingly significant, especially since...[...]