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Buy More Home with Less Down

Link to Buy More Home with Less Down Fannie Mae just announced program adjustments that will soon allow buyers to buy more home with less down! We’re simplifying the home buying process yet again! New program updates will soon allow buyers to buy more home with less down in Orange County, CA! Other than having to layer our tank tops, add a scarf and possibly a pea coat to cover our board shorts in the morning,...[...]

Listing Your Home During the Offseason

Link to Listing Your Home During the Offseason With summer coming to a close, listing your home may be the last thing on your mind.  Your kids are back in school and the holidays are on the horizon.  How would listing your home right now be anything but a headache?  According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), NOW may actually be the BEST time to list your home.  Here’s why:   Currently, the level of supply is...[...]

Renovation Loans with LPMI

Link to Renovation Loans with LPMI PrimeLending now offers renovation loans with lender paid mortgage insurance.  This means that finding inspiration in a market with modest supply just got easier!  Customized financing options like the EZ-C and HomeStyle programs allow buyers and families access to renovation loans tailored to fit their specific needs.  It’s financing with the freedom to “make any...[...]

Best Places to Work in Orange County CA

Last month, PrimeLending was voted one of the best places to work in Orange County CA! It’s a high honor, for sure. But, it won’t keep us from pushing! At PrimeLending, we like to get “uncomfortable.” We scoff at complacency and push for progress. Every week our branch meets for a weekly review of goals, reports and strategy. Prior to the recognition of PrimeLending as one of...[...]

Anti-Buy & Bail Rule Eliminated

Link to Anti-Buy & Bail Rule Eliminated With the elimination of Fannie Mae’s anti-buy & bail rule, buyers can expect a much simpler qualification process. Fannie Mae Eliminates its Anti-Buy & Bail Underwriting Rule! For move-up buyers, converting a departing residence into a rental property just got easier!  Effective immediately, Fannie Mae will no longer require that the proposed rental income for a...[...]

Succeeding as a Contingent Buyer

Link to Succeeding as a Contingent Buyer The housing market can be a tough place for the contingent buyer.  Since the success of a contingent transaction relies heavily on timing, it’s often left up to the “Universe” to decide what’s meant to be and what’s not.  At times feeling as if their offers are discriminated against, contingent buyers are sometimes forced to sell their departing...[...]

95% Jumbo Home Loan Makes Stand Out Debut

Link to 95% Jumbo Home Loan Makes Stand Out Debut With the 95% Jumbo Home Loan, mortgageinsurance isn’t required and the down payment can be a gift! We may have missed the fireworks but, this announcement should still come with a parade!  For home buyers in Orange County, CA, PrimeLending now offers yet another jumbo loan program with a small, initial investment. The 95% Jumbo Home Loan Makes Stand Out Debut in Orange County, CA...[...]

Mortgage Tips & Secrets

Link to Mortgage Tips & Secrets If you’re reviewing mortgage tips before you buy or refinance, you’re smart. Preparing yourself for the mortgage process will increase your chances of closing a successful transaction. But, if you’re looking for the real secret behind today’s mortgage tips, then listen up. HIRE A GREAT LENDER! Mortgage Tips that encourage you to hire a great lender don’t often...[...]

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval: The Facts

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval:  What’s the Difference? If the difference sounds arbitrary, let me shed some light on an issue of semantics.  Shopping for homes these days requires a lot more than just “good faith.”  Agents and home sellers want to see that you’re not only willing but also able to buy their home.  So, to present a strong offer,...[...]

Boost Debt-to-Income Ratios with FNMA

Link to Boost Debt-to-Income Ratios with FNMA Need to boost your buying power?  These days, I think we all could use a little help!  Fortunately, Fannie Mae recently revised it’s guidelines to help buyers boost debt-to-income ratios and increase buying power.  Effective immediately, it is now acceptable to pay off a revolving credit line at or prior to closing without also having to close the account.  That’s...[...]