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The Secret to Working With Millennial Buyers

We have all heard that millennial buyers are unlike any other consumer group. How can you work with something you don’t understand?

Truth is, if you don’t understand your clients, finding any level of success will be very difficult. You must work to achieve some level of understanding of a thing in order to utilize it. From cars to clients, we research, we read, we listen, we learn and then we grow.

Working With Millennial Buyers


Understanding a way of thinking outside of your own isn’t easy, but it is important. Never have we seen this so much in the way our industry has been trying to tackle ”the Millennial issue”. Dozens of articles, posts and infographics put forth by every trade publication has set out to help businesses demystify this new generation of consumers.


What makes them different?

Life circumstances, major cultural events (9/11, the housing crash, recession) and growing up with unlimited digital access to information has formed Millennials into a unique set of people. They shop and make (or do not make) big ticket purchases unlike any previous generation. During their formative years from 2008-2012 this generation watched their neighbors, friends and even their own families (over 4 million people in the US) lose their homes. How terrifying.

Did these events affect their view of ‘the America Dream’? Significantly. The emotional attachment to owning a home was irreparably damaged. It also had a deep impact on how they spend their money.

Research, research, research.

Purchases will be researched. From vacuum cleaners to skin care products, items will be studied, reviews will be read and various purchase options will be explored. What about an item like a home that can’t be given a star rating? That is where you come in. You must be the expert to help them with this large purchase. Remember, you will be researched too. Your company, your website and your social media pages will be evaluated. And your online reviews better be “on point”. Those will be given the most value.

A personal touch.

Even though communication will be brief and take place over a mobile device, a personal connection is the most valuable part of this process. Trust must be established and responses must be quick- even if it is a quick reply to tell them you need to get back to them the next day. As the expert, you must be there to answer all the questions.

You want to be your clients go-to. Even if you don’t know all the answers, transparency and honesty will make the bond stronger. No one wants to hear “I don’t know.” But hearing someone say “I’m not sure, let me look into that for you” is reassuring. It shows that you want to get your client the best information possible, especially a millennial buyer who quite possibly will look up your answer to double check it.

The secret to working with millennial buyers ? Be there, build trust, communicate quickly and honestly. These sound like good tips we can use with clients, no matter their age.

For more information or additional resources for connecting with the next generation of buyers, reach out to us!

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